Thorns Of Ivory – Dogs Of War

Hailing from Durban, Thorns Of Ivory specialise in the type of gargantuan, groove infused Metal which exists within a firey framework that incorporates Thrash, Metalcore and Deathcore into a volcanic inferno that simmers with menace. Their latest track ‘Dogs Of War’ is a crushing clarion call to arms that propels itself forward upon a backbone … Read more


The upcoming EP courtesy of Doomtrigger, ‘Circles Part One’ is a devastating display of fierce Metalcore that is merciless in its intent to set your synapses ablaze in a conflagration of crushing rhythms, cumbersome riffs, furious vocals and bug-eyed drum battery. Prepare to be pummeled as opening track ‘Limbo’ lays siege to your being with … Read more


Sunken State continue to forge ahead with tenacity and vigour, their latest single ‘I Am Divinity’ being testament to this band’s stellar work ethic and musicianship. Although I may not resonate with this track on a holistic level, I am still able to recognize and applaud its execution. On ‘I Am Divinity’ Sunken State unleash … Read more


Hailing from Stellenbosch in Cape Town, Doomtrigger concoct a tightly wound confluence of Metalcore, Modern Thrash and Deathcore that is sheathed in orchestration and peppered with liberal doses of Blackened fury. “Scorched Earth” is a polished exercise in efficiently executed contemporary Metal that delves into the same sonic morass frequented by To The Grave, Nicolas … Read more


The latest track courtesy of Sunken State ‘Abyss’ intrigues as much as it entertains. Fraught with stellar musicianship, technical aptitude and a sonic narrative that convulses like a anaconda with indigestion, this song melds a myriad of Metal sub-genres into a holistic piece of music that, although unique can alas sound labored at times. Do … Read more


One of the grisliest slabs of Blackened Deathcore I came across last year was the gritty album ‘Magno Interitus’ by Cabal. These Danes create Blackened Deathcore of the nastiet sort. Rather then symphonic flourishes and orchestral arrangements, aka Lorna Shore, The Breathing Process or Worm Shepherd, Cabal concentrate their Blackened ideology upon frost bitten riffs … Read more


Hailing from the Vaal Triangle and featuring Hardman on vocals Prawn on Rhythm Guitar and supporting vocals, Mike Ramos on Bass and supporting vocals alongside Chris on Drums and lead vocals Diverted Disorder concoct a heady brew which merges Metalcore, Deathcore, Blues and Alternative Rock on ‘Technical Difficulties’ . When their efforts to combine such … Read more


On ‘Karnage’ French wrecking crew Kanine unleash a ferocious concoction of Slamming Deathcore that is as crushing as it is catchy. Consisting of nine neck snapping slabs of exquisitely constructed smolder this twenty nine minute foray into syncopated rhythmic battery, staccato riffs, blistering double kick bludgeon and bone shattering breakdowns is made to make your … Read more


Imagine if you will the bone crunching bounce of Emmure combined with the propulsive Post Hardcore theatrics of Every Time I Die and the Technical Deathcore of A Night In Texas and you will have an idea as to the type of turbulent and monstrous Metalcore Port Elizabeth based collective Ghast unleash with such vigor. … Read more


In the form of their debut album ‘Paradoxus’ Portuguese Deathcore denizens Inhuman Architects have unleashed a monstrous and menacing slab of smolder that portrays a band at the height of their powers. In fact the streamlined ferocity that this fledgling quartet unleash is that which certainly exceeds what one would expect from a sonic coven … Read more