The upcoming EP courtesy of Doomtrigger, ‘Circles Part One’ is a devastating display of fierce Metalcore that is merciless in its intent to set your synapses ablaze in a conflagration of crushing rhythms, cumbersome riffs, furious vocals and bug-eyed drum battery.

Prepare to be pummeled as opening track ‘Limbo’ lays siege to your being with a bludgeoning bevy of chugging riffs, churning rhythms and blistering breakdowns. Previously reviewed by yours truly, this turbulent track is as murderous as a ravenous anaconda.

Next up is ‘Lust’, a track that begins in a manner that is reminiscent of Alice In Chains with its sinister swirling vocal melodies and dark, dissonant riffs. There is a beautiful cohesion to this track as it propels itself forward upon a bedrock of bone crunching swagger. Its shimmering chorus is scintillating! I absolutely adore this powerful track; its Vision Of Disorder meets Alice In Chains magic is an arresting experience. Vocalist Jason Smith displays his vocal prowess throughout ‘Lust’ as he roars and croons with ironclad conviction.

‘Gluttony’ is a gargantuan, grisly bear of a track, an absolute behemoth that leaves ruin and devastation in its wake. Its barbed wire riffs, deadly rhythms, complimentary synth layering and venomous breakdown bristle with vitriol and explosive energy.

The musicianship throughout this EP is stellar. From the artery bursting guitar invocations of Ken Loubser, the plate shifting bass bludgeon of Robbie Blair, the double kick conjurations of Ettiene ‘Frank’ Nel to the smoldering vocals of Jason Smith, ‘Circles Part One’ is a stellar display of instrumentation as sonic incineration. The production and layering herein are notable as well.

Inspired by Dante Alighieri’s highly lauded literary work ‘Inferno’, this three track descent into the abyss is awe inspiring. ‘Circles Part One’ is the first EP in a trilogy of EP’s inspired by ‘Inferno’ and I am utterly floored by the sonic vision that Doomtrigger possess. Their malevolent Metalcore is as authentic as it is aggressive, as immaculately executed as it is impassioned. Utterly stunning stuff!

-Asher Locketz-