The time is nigh for on April 27th Industrial-Thrash machine Chaos Doctrine are set to unleash their latest album ‘Bellum’ on the unsuspecting masses.

To whet your appetite for the pummelling that will occur Chaos Doctrine have unveiled their latest single from said full length entitled ‘Heretic’.

This prime piece of sonic real estate hinges upon a scalding bedrock of bludgeoning Death Metal riffs, vitriolic vocals and double kick battery. This bone-shattering track displays Chaos Doctrine’s patented blend of propulsive Industrial-Thrash meets Death Metal at its most fierce and deadly.

I am smitten by this smoldering track, one that bristles with artery bursting blast beats, machine gun riffing and vitriolic vocals.

Featuring Dr D on vocals, Alec Surridge on guitar, bassist and visual artist Phil Carstens and drummer Jason Eedes, this ferocious foursome conjure forth a froth of metallic smolder that is as nuanced in its attention to detail as it is deadly.

Beginning with a riff that would not be out of place on a vintage Entombed or Dismember album, ‘Heretic’ hurtles forth at a tremendous speed as it tears everything in its path asunder with reckless abandon.

Housed in a robust production, ‘Heretic’ propels itself forward on an explosive trajectory which leads to explosions of staccato rhythms and synth layered chug before ending its runtime in a suitably savage fashion.

If ‘Heretic’ alongside the other singles that have premiered from ‘Bellum’ are anything to go by we are set for a listening experience of monolithic proportions as far as their upcoming full length is concerned.

Utterly relentless and destructive in its intent, ‘Heretic’ is a hair raising piece of Metal that left me awed and floored in equal measure.

-Asher Locketz-