Prepare to be trampled under hoof for Durban based berzerkers Become The Watcher are due to lay siege to your synaptic chasms in the most crushing fashion with the title track from their upcoming album ‘Trauma’. Due to be premiered this very night on Burgstudio figurehead France The Planet’s ‘Monday Night Metal Madness’, ‘Trauma’ is … Read more

Monday Night Metal Madness – 08 Mar ’21

This show is definitely not the one you want to miss!!! See you at 8PM Central African Time Read Below and see you there! Starting of with a post Battle of the Bands win interview over on THE METAL LAB, I will be chatting to the guys from Sin on Six. Thereafter you can stay … Read more

Monday Night Metal Madness 1 Mar ’21

Are you ready for Monday? Yes? No? Either way, let me end it of for you with some ear pummeling METAL from all walks of life! Check your Time Zones >>>HERE<<< This week will have the following in store for you! – THE METAL LAB‘s Battle of the Bands winner hangout with Tomb of Lucifer.– … Read more

Monday Night Metal Madness 22 Feb ’21

Get yourself ready for one helluva “Monday Night Metal Madness” show with France the Planet from 8PM right here on BurgStudio!!! and read below. See you there! This is what is in store for you. – THE METAL LAB Battle of the Band winner interview with MODES.– Brand new Local South African METAL.– Brand new … Read more

Roll Over Exposé 15 Feb ’21

Join us this Monday for a bumper packed “Roll Over Exposé” from this past Thursday. The following will be in store for you – Hangout with MARENE and chat about their brand new track, “Something’s Out There”– A chat with Robyn Ferguson about her new EP “Triptych” featuring a collection of new tracks that include … Read more

Monday Night Metal Madness 8 Feb ’21

8PM CAT/SAST/GMT+2/GMT-7 THIS SHOW WILL RIP YOU NEW ONE!!!Come join the fun while we play you some of the best metal tracks from South Africa and the rest of the globe! You can expect the following to transpire – THE METAL LAB Battle of the Bands Hangout with Charles of Aran Prog Project– New METAL … Read more