Fear Of Falling – ‘All My time’

Courtesy of South African supergroup Fear Of Falling comes their new single, the scintillating, sizzling and iridescent “All My Time”. Cinematic in scope and immaculate in execution, this rousing and arena ready slice of emotive Rock is threaded through with evocative imagery and nuanced layering. Featuring in their ranks Dale Schnettler on drums, Lloyd Timke … Read more


Courtesy of Costa Rican wrecking crew Chemicide comes the blistering conflagration of bone crunching Thrash Metal entitled ‘Common Sense’. This thirty six minute exercise in vintage Thrash oriented vitriol harkens back to the violent metallic thunder plied by Nuclear Assault, Kreator, Sodom and Destruction as much as it shares traits with contemporary collectives such as … Read more


Imagine if you will the bone crunching bounce of Emmure combined with the propulsive Post Hardcore theatrics of Every Time I Die and the Technical Deathcore of A Night In Texas and you will have an idea as to the type of turbulent and monstrous Metalcore Port Elizabeth based collective Ghast unleash with such vigor. … Read more


Hailing from Sweden Symphonic Black Metal troupe Katharos unleash turbulent, triumphant and grandiose, keyboard drenched Black Metal pomp of the most theatrical and rousing nature. On their sophomore album ‘Of Lineages Long Forgotten’ Katharos conjure forth a majestic forty eight minute opus that is fraught with lethal riffs, blistering drumming and rhythmic dexterity that draws … Read more


Featuring members of Sepultura, Neurosis and Amenra, Absent In Body create the type of Industrial Metal malevolence that simmers and seethes with menace and impending doom. ‘Plague God’ is the sound of the apocalypse unfolding in slow motion. I absolutely adore the dense layering, glacial pacing and despair infused ferocity herein. Beginning with the brooding … Read more

Infanteria – Patriarch

Volcanic and propulsive, Infanteria lay siege to all and sundry with their latest album, the explosive ‘Patriarch’. The title alone speaks of an aversion to the current social climate, a climate steeped in a belligerent form of liberal fascism that stifles self-expression and freedom of speech beneath the guise of justice. The pedigree of this … Read more


I have forever been fascinated by the one man sonic wrecking ball known as Author & Punisher. Tristan Shone is the multitalented creative force behind this simultaneously crushing, ethereal, violent and melancholic entity. Shone creates post-apocalyptic swathes of sprawling Industrial Metal with a custom made setup that appears as if it came from a fever … Read more

Analepsy – Quiescence

Perhaps one of my most anticipated releases of 2022, ‘Quiescence’ by Analepsy has surpassed my expectations. Ever since I heard ‘Atrocities From Beyond’ I was hooked on the punishing, celestial Slamming BDM these ferocious fellows ply, and this their sophomore album ramps up the technicality and musicianship tenfold. Hailing from Portugal and featuring Marco Martins … Read more


On their latest release ‘Fades Visions 1’ Durban based berserkers Truth Decayed unleash a exercise in classic, unbridled Thrash Metal that panders to no trends and is in no way unsullied by genre-hopping pretence. Consisting of Ryno Theron on Guitar and Vocals, Warren Jones on Rhythm Guitar, Johan Maree on Bass and Vocals and Daniel … Read more


If you have not yet heard the skull crushing, blackened, Sludge infused Grindcore of Apes then do yourself a favor and do so posthaste for the absolutely punishing confluence of sonic weaponry these dudes unleash is deadly. Admittedly my knowledge regarding this enigmatic sonic collective is practically non-existent. All I know is that the legendary … Read more