Middle Grounds – “There Is Never Peace”

Hailing from the scorched urban sprawl of South Africa, Middle Grounds specialize in a smoldering confluence of Hardcore that melds the type of vintage vitriol plied by Bury Your Dead, Throwdown, Turmoil and Buried Alive with the modern bone shattering belligerence of bands such as Knocked Loose, Emmure, Dead Crown and Dealey Plaza. Their debut … Read more


Get ready to be spirited away on a journey of searing proportions for the blackened, symphonic Metalcore scorch of one man sonic wrecking ball The Ember, The Ash is bleak, baleful, bludgeoning and uplifting in equal measure. ‘Fixation’ is this enigmatic individual’s debut album for Prosthetic Records. Opening with “Strychnine” , a insidious, eerie slab … Read more


Hailing from Germany Chokehold Policy unleash a crushing confluence of Hardcore and Metal that is infused with righteous rage which rallies against social injustice, warfare and political powerplay with searing vitriol. Featuring Karl Janus on vocals and Immanuel Rahman, the primary songwriter, who is responsible for drum programming, guitars and bass, this duo release a … Read more


Ladies and gentleman prepare to be pummeled into submission for Port Elizabeth based purveyors of punishing Deathcore infused Metalcore Ghast have just released their debut album entitled ‘Dawn’ and it is explosive! This blistering foray into sonic carnage is ferocious and fraught with voracity. Beginning with the eerie tones and ominous atmospherics of “Abaddon Birth” … Read more


Well ladies and gentleman, Global Plague are back with another turbulent and triumphant track! The triple threat that is Bram Epstein, Jackson Ward and John Souki have supplied us with another smoldering confluence of Deathcore, Metalcore, Melodic Death Metal and groove orientated fare that will undoubtedly cause the hair on the back of your neck … Read more

Monday Night Metal Madness – 18 Jan ’21

Monday Night Metal Madness – 8PM CENTRAL AFRICAN TIME!!! – Here we go again with some of the best METAL from around the world!!! See below what’s in store for you! Remember to set your reminders and CHECK YOUR TIME ZONES to avoid disappointment. https://burgstudio.co.za/ftp>>>Just Press PLAY<<< – Requests/Shoutouts– NEW SOUTH AFRICAN METAL– New Chaos … Read more


Hailing from the windswept plains of Tehran, Iran, Calibre concoct a heady brew of fist pumping Melodic Metalcore that is as infectious as it is catchy. Their patented brand of pummel is on full display in its unbridled glory on their debut album “The Storm Inside”. Consisting of eight emotive and fist pumping songs, this … Read more


The latest track courtesy of Global Plague entitled “Fear In Power” is both bludgeoning and beautiful in equal measure! Following in the footsteps of “Parasitic”, this slab of sonic heft expands upon the template and scope of their first single with unabashed immensity and prowess. Sonically “Fear In Power” is far more nuanced, dynamic and … Read more

KYPHOSIS – “Grapeshot”

Hot damn! The new single “Grapeshot” courtesy of KYPHOSIS is absolutely smoldering! This slab of scintillating sonic expression is a powerhouse of note that is built on a bedrock of bludgeoning, bouncing rhythms, punishing riffs and a melodious, anthemic chorus that is as catchy as an airborne contagion. From the opening compressed riff “Grapeshot” then … Read more


If anything can wake the dark, otherworldly behemoth Lord Cthulhu from his dreamless slumber in the catacombs of RL’YEH it is, undoubtedly, the heaving, frenetic and surging streamlined sonic savagery invoked by A NAMELESS DREAD. Their debut album “The First Nothing” , be it either Metalcore, Deathcore or rather a corrosive, unique and crushing confluence … Read more