Thorns Of Ivory – Dogs Of War

Hailing from Durban, Thorns Of Ivory specialise in the type of gargantuan, groove infused Metal which exists within a firey framework that incorporates Thrash, Metalcore and Deathcore into a volcanic inferno that simmers with menace. Their latest track ‘Dogs Of War’ is a crushing clarion call to arms that propels itself forward upon a backbone … Read more


On their latest album ‘Bellum’ South African sonic cabal Chaos Doctrine invoke a firey inferno of enigmatic, blazing Thrash infused Industrial Metal that is as catchy as an airborne contagion and as crushing as a steamroller. Opening track ‘Lifting The Veil’ is a chrome plated battleship that forges ahead with bruising rhythms, skin-shredding leads, percussive, … Read more


The time is nigh for on April 27th Industrial-Thrash machine Chaos Doctrine are set to unleash their latest album ‘Bellum’ on the unsuspecting masses. To whet your appetite for the pummelling that will occur Chaos Doctrine have unveiled their latest single from said full length entitled ‘Heretic’. This prime piece of sonic real estate hinges … Read more


Truth Decayed conjure forth the type of lethal Thrash Metal that will cause anyone with a prediliction for the form to rejoice! ‘Faded Visions II’ , their follow up to last year’s ‘Faded Visons’ EP contains four deadly detonations of Thrash Metal devastation that are fierce in nature and vicious in both intent and execution. … Read more


On their highly anticipated upcoming single ‘Death By Design’ Durban based Thrash titans Truth Decayed unleash a explosive maelstrom of mammoth riffs and rhythms that are utterly venomous . Taken from their follow-up to last year’s ferocious ‘Faded Visions I’ EP , the upcoming ‘Faded Visions II’ EP, this volcanic piece of pummeling Thrash is … Read more


Released last year ‘Legacy’ by Skarthia is a streamlined slab of exquisitely constructed, groove infused Melodic Death Metal that brings to mind the type of mellifiluous fare plied by In Flames and Dark Tranquility melded with the chugging grooves of Machine Head and the Modern Thrash exploits of Lamb Of God. Hailing from the UK … Read more


Courtesy of Costa Rican wrecking crew Chemicide comes the blistering conflagration of bone crunching Thrash Metal entitled ‘Common Sense’. This thirty six minute exercise in vintage Thrash oriented vitriol harkens back to the violent metallic thunder plied by Nuclear Assault, Kreator, Sodom and Destruction as much as it shares traits with contemporary collectives such as … Read more

Infanteria – Patriarch

Volcanic and propulsive, Infanteria lay siege to all and sundry with their latest album, the explosive ‘Patriarch’. The title alone speaks of an aversion to the current social climate, a climate steeped in a belligerent form of liberal fascism that stifles self-expression and freedom of speech beneath the guise of justice. The pedigree of this … Read more


On their latest release ‘Fades Visions 1’ Durban based berserkers Truth Decayed unleash a exercise in classic, unbridled Thrash Metal that panders to no trends and is in no way unsullied by genre-hopping pretence. Consisting of Ryno Theron on Guitar and Vocals, Warren Jones on Rhythm Guitar, Johan Maree on Bass and Vocals and Daniel … Read more


Hailing from Johannesburg , South Africa Disarmageddon specialize in the type of vintage, Thrash oriented smolder that will cause fans of classic Anthrax, Exodus, Kreator and Nuclear Assault to rejoice. Prepare for an exercize in neck snapping and bloodthirsty, headbanging bliss! Featuring in their ranks Jay Troskie on vocals, guitarists Mathew Jordaan and Lance von … Read more