The principle is simple: just press play

burgStudio is a 24 hour streaming radio station, with a website – the website you are on – for lovers of music to get together and share what they love. In the coming weeks and months I hope to get a spark going that might turn into something meaningful.

We are calling on anyone who might like to be a streaming DJ to get in touch by sending a mail to Not only that, if you want to blog for us, please, get in touch.

So far we have 3 passionate streamers doing regular shows, each of whom will be properly announced in due time. They are The Proph, France the Planet and Tequila Rose. I go by the moniker Boognish, and will also be doing shows in the near future. We hope to usher in a new era… the era of just. pressing. play.

Sure, you got your Spotify or Google Play etc. Don’t cancel those just yet, this is not in competition with on-demand music services. You would ideally hang around burgStudio if you just want to press play and get on with it, no messing around. Between our presenters and the magnificent AutoDJ, you are in good company. You can also request songs, but this is currently a hidden feature and will be announced at a later stage. But go right ahead, requested songs will be added to the AutoDJ playlist and usually played shortly after, automatically. Try it out!

That’s not all, send the currently streaming DJ a shoutout right from the player.

Ah, the player. That is another topic altogether. We have attractive and interactive players, all playing the same stream, but with different user experiences, as well as one for each DJ. Using awesome web technologies like Threejs, we will develop unique and creative players that will make it easy to enjoy the tunes and interact with the DJ’s. all are currently under development and might have some glitches or responsiveness issues, but I will work on ironing out all the kinks and hopefully leave you with something nice.

So yeah, that’s what this is. A work in progress. But with less work and more play. More info coming soon…