Middle Grounds – “There Is Never Peace”

Hailing from the scorched urban sprawl of South Africa, Middle Grounds specialize in a smoldering confluence of Hardcore that melds the type of vintage vitriol plied by Bury Your Dead, Throwdown, Turmoil and Buried Alive with the modern bone shattering belligerence of bands such as Knocked Loose, Emmure, Dead Crown and Dealey Plaza. Their debut … Read more


Hailing from Germany Chokehold Policy unleash a crushing confluence of Hardcore and Metal that is infused with righteous rage which rallies against social injustice, warfare and political powerplay with searing vitriol. Featuring Karl Janus on vocals and Immanuel Rahman, the primary songwriter, who is responsible for drum programming, guitars and bass, this duo release a … Read more


Admittedly I am completely smitten by the smoldering confluence of grisly crushing old school inspired Death Metal and gritty Hardcore Boiling Point ply with such punishing acumen! Folks, it is near impossible for me to fault music of this sort for it speaks to me on a cellular level. “Fields Of Doom” is the debut … Read more