Middle Grounds – “There Is Never Peace”

Hailing from the scorched urban sprawl of South Africa, Middle Grounds specialize in a smoldering confluence of Hardcore that melds the type of vintage vitriol plied by Bury Your Dead, Throwdown, Turmoil and Buried Alive with the modern bone shattering belligerence of bands such as Knocked Loose, Emmure, Dead Crown and Dealey Plaza.

Their debut single “There is never peace” is an apt statement on the times we live in and one that perhaps acts as a statement of personal angst and vengeance.

The production herein gleams like an unsheathed blade while the barreling rhythms and bone crunching breakdowns are monolithic! Interspersed within the slabs of riffage, roaring vocals and downtempo bludgeon are some awesome glitchy, trap oriented spacial experiments that enhance the ebb and flow of this ferocious track.

Here is yet another local band that unleash volcanic music of the most professionally executed kind.

Middle Grounds are a quartet featuring Brandon Render on vocals, Kyle Botha on Guitar, Mathew Grunewald on Bass and Tristan Krause on Drums, a bevy of scintillating scene stalwarts.

If this, their debut single is anything to go by then this four piece are destined to lay siege to the earthly morass in the most furious fashion!

Listen to this track posthaste and keep your peepers peeled on developments in the Middle Grounds camp.

-Asher Locketz-


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