On their latest album ‘Bellum’ South African sonic cabal Chaos Doctrine invoke a firey inferno of enigmatic, blazing Thrash infused Industrial Metal that is as catchy as an airborne contagion and as crushing as a steamroller. Opening track ‘Lifting The Veil’ is a chrome plated battleship that forges ahead with bruising rhythms, skin-shredding leads, percussive, … Read more


The time is nigh for on April 27th Industrial-Thrash machine Chaos Doctrine are set to unleash their latest album ‘Bellum’ on the unsuspecting masses. To whet your appetite for the pummelling that will occur Chaos Doctrine have unveiled their latest single from said full length entitled ‘Heretic’. This prime piece of sonic real estate hinges … Read more


The upcoming EP courtesy of Doomtrigger, ‘Circles Part One’ is a devastating display of fierce Metalcore that is merciless in its intent to set your synapses ablaze in a conflagration of crushing rhythms, cumbersome riffs, furious vocals and bug-eyed drum battery. Prepare to be pummeled as opening track ‘Limbo’ lays siege to your being with … Read more


Sunken State continue to forge ahead with tenacity and vigour, their latest single ‘I Am Divinity’ being testament to this band’s stellar work ethic and musicianship. Although I may not resonate with this track on a holistic level, I am still able to recognize and applaud its execution. On ‘I Am Divinity’ Sunken State unleash … Read more


Punishing and propulsive, the latest track by DOOMTRIGGER entitled ‘Limbo’ is a merciless slab of prime Metalcore that relentlessly pummels all into submission with its deadly confluence of crushing riffs, corrosive vocals and ferocious rhythms. ‘Limbo’ is the first single from this Stellenbosch based sonic collectives upcoming EP ‘Circles: Part One’, an EP in a … Read more


Hailing from Orlando, Florida  Heavy // Hitter concoct a heady brew of bludgeoning Deathcore bluster that simmers with rage and bristles with red hot anger. Be wary when approaching their latest track ‘Wall Of Wax’ for you may just emerge from its all encompassing embrace with third degree burns, well figuratively anyway for the searing … Read more


Ghast who are undoubtedly one of the most ferocious contingents of the current wave of South African Hardcore have returned with yet another smoldering slab of skull shattering Metalcore in the form of the utterly furious ‘Dysania’. Following on from the bludgeon evidenced in the maelstrom witnessed on ‘The Purse Of Bloody Eyes’  released in … Read more

From The Live Room with Lungelo and the Moy-Os


France The Planet and Studio31 presents Lungelo and The Moy-Os performing live in the studio.
Recorded 11 October 2023.

Lungelo and the Moy-Os are:
Lungelo Moyo – Vocals and Guitar
Ntando Hadebe – Bass Guitar
Sibusiso “Masi” Masilela – Lead Guitar
Tebogo Dibetso – Drums

From The Live Room With Springbok Nude Girls


France The Planet and Studio31 presents Springbok Nude Girls performing live in the studio. Recorded 1 September 2023.

Host: France The Planet
Audio Engineers: Ruan Rabie & Merrick Kyle
Cameras: Francois Myburgh

Springbok Nude Girls is:
Arno Carstens – Vocals
Theo Crous – Guitar and Backing Vocals
Sergio Barbosa – Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals
Francious Kruger – Drums
David Watkyns – Keyboards, Trumpet and Backing Vocals