Ghast who are undoubtedly one of the most ferocious contingents of the current wave of South African Hardcore have returned with yet another smoldering slab of skull shattering Metalcore in the form of the utterly furious ‘Dysania’. Following on from the bludgeon evidenced in the maelstrom witnessed on ‘The Purse Of Bloody Eyes’  released in … Read more


On their latest track “The Bloody Purse Of Closed Eyes” Ghast unleash a scorching slab of social commentary that tramples upon societal ills beneath a stampede of double kick devastation, heaving riffs and venomous vocals. Hailing from Port Elizabeth in South Africa Ghast specialize in bludgeoning Metalcore and are at the forefront of the modern … Read more

Monday Night Metal Madness

Halloween Edition with Ghast Are you ready to be BLOWN YOU AWAY with this Halloween driven show!?!?! I spoke with with Matt Gracie, the killer vocalist and Justin Steyn, the MACHINE drummer of Ghast and they tell us more about their latest single ‘Acid Sermon’ and their Halloween shows in Cape Town alongside some of … Read more


Imagine if you will the bone crunching bounce of Emmure combined with the propulsive Post Hardcore theatrics of Every Time I Die and the Technical Deathcore of A Night In Texas and you will have an idea as to the type of turbulent and monstrous Metalcore Port Elizabeth based collective Ghast unleash with such vigor. … Read more


Ladies and gentleman prepare to be pummeled into submission for Port Elizabeth based purveyors of punishing Deathcore infused Metalcore Ghast have just released their debut album entitled ‘Dawn’ and it is explosive! This blistering foray into sonic carnage is ferocious and fraught with voracity. Beginning with the eerie tones and ominous atmospherics of “Abaddon Birth” … Read more