Prepare to be trampled under hoof for Durban based berzerkers Become The Watcher are due to lay siege to your synaptic chasms in the most crushing fashion with the title track from their upcoming album ‘Trauma’. Due to be premiered this very night on Burgstudio figurehead France The Planet’s ‘Monday Night Metal Madness’, ‘Trauma’ is … Read more


Well ladies and gentleman, Global Plague are back with another turbulent and triumphant track! The triple threat that is Bram Epstein, Jackson Ward and John Souki have supplied us with another smoldering confluence of Deathcore, Metalcore, Melodic Death Metal and groove orientated fare that will undoubtedly cause the hair on the back of your neck … Read more

MARENE – “Something’s Out There”

What immediately comes to mind when listening to “Something’s Out There” by Marene is the sparkling, synth-pop infused Rock I have been prone to experiencing in many a Horror Flick from the 80’s. I dare state that this probably is the intent and acts as crucial inspiration behind this saccharine slab of escapist Rock. From … Read more


Bring on the uplifting, Bluesy rock baby! Yessiree! Cast your cares to the metaphorical breeze and boogey down right now. Fourth Son South have you covered with their patented barroom skronk! If you fiend for music that is unpretentious and wears its funky, blues infused influences on its veritable sleeve with confidence and pride then … Read more

Survivors Of Suicide – “Haunted Mistress”

If the saccharine, streamlined and sparkling sounds plied by Motionless In White, Asking Alexandria and even vintage Bleeding Through are your proverbial bag of happy then the keyboard driven pomp of Survivors Of Suicide will certainly sit well with you. With Jake Tipton at the helm this Phoneix, Arizona based sonic entity will have you … Read more


There is something inherently fun about Pyjama Planet; the brainchild of multi talented musical mastermind and guitar shredder Mark Pyjama. Here is a musical entity in which creative juices and the imagination run rampant. “The Prelude” is a stunning and scintillating slab of utterly smoldering musical dexterity and instrumentation that incinerates solar systems with its … Read more


KYPHOSIS create ferocious Metalcore fraught with skull crushing rhythms, corrosive riffs and seething vocals. Prepare to be pummeled into submission by this bands savage, palpably angry and passionate Metalcore. “Blind” is a vitriolic admonishment of societal constraints and the herd like mentality thereof. The sonic equivalent to bare knuckle brawling with all the bloodshed that … Read more