Robyn Ferguson has been on a creative rampage of late, churning forth a froth of proggy shred that has been titled the Alizaran chronicles, a collection of three ep’s that represent a alchemical journey of sorts, a journey exemplified in music of the most irredescent and immaculately constructed fashion. “Triptych” the latest EP in a … Read more

Thursday Exposé with Pyjama Planet 21 Jan ’21

Tune into BurgStudio for Thursday Exposé to hear the brand new Pyjama Planet track STORM THE GATES (releasing this Friday on all platforms) 🔥🔥🔥✅ PRE-SAVE STORM THE GATES Mark and I will also have a leisurely catch up from the last time he was on my show! Check your time zones, set your reminders … Read more


There is something inherently fun about Pyjama Planet; the brainchild of multi talented musical mastermind and guitar shredder Mark Pyjama. Here is a musical entity in which creative juices and the imagination run rampant. “The Prelude” is a stunning and scintillating slab of utterly smoldering musical dexterity and instrumentation that incinerates solar systems with its … Read more