There is something inherently fun about Pyjama Planet; the brainchild of multi talented musical mastermind and guitar shredder Mark Pyjama.

Here is a musical entity in which creative juices and the imagination run rampant. “The Prelude” is a stunning and scintillating slab of utterly smoldering musical dexterity and instrumentation that incinerates solar systems with its staggering, propulsive rhythms, mammoth staccato riffs, blistering drums and lead guitar histrionics.

Featuring, alongside the inimitable Mark Pyjama himself, the honorable Kris Xenopoulos of Vulvodynia providing blistering lead guitar, the bludgeoning bass onslaught of Luke Otto and the ferocious drumming of Gareth Lloyd, “The Prelude”, the first single off Pyjama Planets upcoming 3rd album “Madjenta” sears the synaptic chasms with an almost effortless verve and sparkling vibrancy.

Beginning with a lilting piano intro this freakishly fantastical track morphs into a symphonic piece of Progressive Metal that traverses a galactic morass of deliciously convoluted riffs, rhythms and face melting guitar gymnastics that forges ahead like a firey comet in the milky way, leaving a trail of ether in its wake. Herein stomping Djent inspired- Meshuggah like rhythms meet Rings Of Saturn technical acumen and Necrophagist grandiosity in a manner that will leave you gobsmacked and discombobulated in the most despicable and delicious fashion. At six minutes and forty seconds this seamless and streamlined track, one gleaming with a crystalline production, is such a fun ditty that it passes by with rapidity. That friends, is the value of great music.

Strap in and enjoy the journey of “The Prelude” as you traverse a cosmos of sonic pleasure.

-Asher Locketz-

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