Survivors Of Suicide – “Haunted Mistress”

If the saccharine, streamlined and sparkling sounds plied by Motionless In White, Asking Alexandria and even vintage Bleeding Through are your proverbial bag of happy then the keyboard driven pomp of Survivors Of Suicide will certainly sit well with you.

With Jake Tipton at the helm this Phoneix, Arizona based sonic entity will have you blissfully swaying in beatific glee to the sonic wares they unleash with such confidence and vigor.

Their most recent track “Haunted Mistress” consists of midtempo, chugging thrash riffs, tinkling keyes, symphonic orchestration and vocals that alternate between melodious singing come chorus and harsh barks during the verse.

Its a sumptuous experience that gleams like red velvet in the glimmer of the sun. Cloaked in black yet shiny like silver dinnerware.

The immaculately constructed songcraft displayed on “Haunted Mistress” is emblematic of a band destined for the major leagues. I wouldn’t be surprised if the major Metal labels are hounding Survivors Of Suicide with reckless abandon. If you fiend for commercially viable sonic crush that is composed with flare check out Survivors Of Suicide posthaste!

-Asher Locketz-

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