KYPHOSIS – “Grapeshot”

Hot damn! The new single “Grapeshot” courtesy of KYPHOSIS is absolutely smoldering! This slab of scintillating sonic expression is a powerhouse of note that is built on a bedrock of bludgeoning, bouncing rhythms, punishing riffs and a melodious, anthemic chorus that is as catchy as an airborne contagion.

From the opening compressed riff “Grapeshot” then explodes into a flurry of ferocity replete with roaring vox, neck snapping rhythms and a robust production that houses the sonic assault.

I am reminded of a hybrid that exists between the firey songcraft of Nu-Metal hopefuls Taproot, , the savage heft of Emmure and the Downtempo Deathcore blunder of Traitors with a nod to the Metalcore purveyed by the legendary Botch with harmonics littered throughout which are a pleasure to behold.

With all of the aforementioned conjecture in tow make no mistake KYPHOSIS are forging a sound that is distinctly their own and it is my humble opinion that these guys are destined for great things.

Allow your ears to be seared by “Grapeshot”, a four minute and ten second foray into ferocity and nuanced melody that you will undoubtedly savor.

-Asher Locketz

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