MARENE – “Something’s Out There”

What immediately comes to mind when listening to “Something’s Out There” by Marene is the sparkling, synth-pop infused Rock I have been prone to experiencing in many a Horror Flick from the 80’s. I dare state that this probably is the intent and acts as crucial inspiration behind this saccharine slab of escapist Rock.

From the lyrics to the music “Something’s Out There” is evocative of the type of pristine and anthemic Rock that would act as a soundtrack to such classic Slasher fare as “Friday The 13th” and “The Prowler” to name but two flicks from the 80’s that are driven by the type of pomp Marene ply with such confidence and vigor.

I can imagine folks boogying to this with unbridled abandon as a masked maniac in the bushes armed with a jagged knife waits patiently to enter the premises to dispatch all and sundry in the most gruesome manner.

With a fat, gleaming production housing the sonic proceedings, the instrumentation and vocal melodies can be heard in a fashion that is fraught with crystalline clarity. Herein the gripping guitars of Tyler Duggan, the beatific bass of Ozzey Padayache and their combined ethereal vocal assault merge with the dreamy keyboards of Maronay Todkill, the lovely lead guitars of Arian Helm and the delectable drumming of Skye Nagal to startling effect.

Not exactly my cup of torrid tea yet I couldn’t help being swept away on a tide of strobelights, frizzy hair and spooky, dry ice fog effects that “Something’s Out There” conjures forth with such aptitude.

-Asher Locketz-

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