Ocean Of Angels – Haunting You

Hot on the heels of last year’s incandescent EP ‘The Gift’ Oceans of Angels return with the scintillating yet sorrowful single ‘Haunting You’. Built upon a bedrock of shuffling drums, tinkling keys, syrupy bass, shimmering guitar and threaded through with the impassioned vocals of band mastermind Sheldon Horvatic, ‘Haunting You’ will envelop you in its … Read more


In the form of his upcoming single, the rousing ‘Strangers’ Jackson Colt has crafted a blissful homage to 1980’s hair Metal that is fraught with sparkle and splendor. This sleek piece of music bedazzles with the type of hedonistic pomp evidenced in the classic works of Motley Crew, Dokken and Poison. Featuring frontman Jackson Colt … Read more


On his latest EP ‘Chapter ll’ South African singer-songwriter Ross Harding administers five sinuous and scintillating slabs of sizzling grungy Blues Rock that are as rousing as they are reverent. Featuring the spectacular singles “Love & Time” and “Fire Away” this five track work is steeped in themes such as psychology, spirituality, self-empowerment and transcendence. … Read more

Ross Harding – Love & Time

“Love & Time” is the first single from the upcoming EP ‘Chapter II’ by South African powerhouse Ross Harding. This gritty, robust and rolling slice of streamlined song-craft is built upon a deliciously driving bedrock of propulsive bass, metronomic drumming and swaths of scintillating guitar riffs. I would be remiss if I were not to … Read more


Following their scintillating single “All My Time”, South African mavens of magnificent Rock Fear Of Falling are backwith a sumptuous cover of “Closer” by the inimitable Kings Of Leon. This, their tantalizing rendition of the American Rock group classic is an exercize in immaculate execution, heartfelt adoration and awe inspiring musicianship. Herein the integrity of … Read more

Fear Of Falling – ‘All My time’

Courtesy of South African supergroup Fear Of Falling comes their new single, the scintillating, sizzling and iridescent “All My Time”. Cinematic in scope and immaculate in execution, this rousing and arena ready slice of emotive Rock is threaded through with evocative imagery and nuanced layering. Featuring in their ranks Dale Schnettler on drums, Lloyd Timke … Read more


Ladies and gentleman, boys and ghouls, The Iridium Experiment are back with five festively ferocious tracks of blissfully blistering rocking bluster in the form of their brand spanking new EP, the scorching ‘Buried No More’. Surmounting perhaps everything that preceded it both in terms of evocative song-craft and in terms of production, one that crackles … Read more


If you are in the mood for lilting, evocative music then singer songwriter Tian Nienaber has you covered in the form of his latest track, the melancholic and gritty ‘Hurting Love”. Having been involved in the music industry in one form or another since a young age, Tian is a veteran of his craft and … Read more


Folks, prepare to be floored and awed in equal measure for the Instrumental version of the EP ‘Hero.Victim.Villian’by The Iridium Experiment is a scintillating exercise in musicianship and instrumentation that will leave you reeling in a state of blissful reverie. With a revamped production that is robust and sparkles with sumptuous clarity, the anthemic melodies … Read more

MARENE – “Something’s Out There”

What immediately comes to mind when listening to “Something’s Out There” by Marene is the sparkling, synth-pop infused Rock I have been prone to experiencing in many a Horror Flick from the 80’s. I dare state that this probably is the intent and acts as crucial inspiration behind this saccharine slab of escapist Rock. From … Read more