Following their scintillating single ‘RIP’ and with a revamped line up, Cape Town based Rock N’ Roll coven We Kill Cowboys have unleashed their latest slice of effervescent Rock swagger onto the unsuspecting masses entitled ‘Fuck You’. Beginning with a battalion of pounding drums and guitar scrawl, ‘Fuck You’ propells itself forward atop a bedrock … Read more


Oceans Of Angels, an entity helmed by musical mastermind Sheldon Horvatic, create music of the most lilting, delicate, nuanced and evocative sort.   Consisting of six sparkling tracks that run the gamut from introspective reverie, heartbreak and self ownership to empathic reflection, ‘The Gift’, their latest EP sparkles with incandescent splendor and heartfelt compassion. The … Read more


On his latest EP ‘Chapter ll’ South African singer-songwriter Ross Harding administers five sinuous and scintillating slabs of sizzling grungy Blues Rock that are as rousing as they are reverent. Featuring the spectacular singles “Love & Time” and “Fire Away” this five track work is steeped in themes such as psychology, spirituality, self-empowerment and transcendence. … Read more

Ross Harding – Fire Away

Get ready to be mesmerized by the mammoth rocker that is “Fire Away” , the new single from the upcoming EP by Ross Harding entitled Chapter II. Due to be released on the 14 of this month,I was truly taken hostage by this gritty, Blues infused, Grunge oriented piece of propulsive sonic hedonism. Images of … Read more

Fourth Son South – The Cold

With its shuffling rhythm, lilting vocal harmonies and glistening melodies the upcoming single “The Cold” by Fourth Son South is the type of song that inspires feelings of warmth and hope. Featuring in their ranks Bernhard Viljoen on bass and vocals, Dale Mchardy on Rhythm guitar, Peter Toussaint on lead guitar and vocals, Carel Viljoen … Read more

Ross Harding – Love & Time

“Love & Time” is the first single from the upcoming EP ‘Chapter II’ by South African powerhouse Ross Harding. This gritty, robust and rolling slice of streamlined song-craft is built upon a deliciously driving bedrock of propulsive bass, metronomic drumming and swaths of scintillating guitar riffs. I would be remiss if I were not to … Read more

Fear Of Falling – ‘All My time’

Courtesy of South African supergroup Fear Of Falling comes their new single, the scintillating, sizzling and iridescent “All My Time”. Cinematic in scope and immaculate in execution, this rousing and arena ready slice of emotive Rock is threaded through with evocative imagery and nuanced layering. Featuring in their ranks Dale Schnettler on drums, Lloyd Timke … Read more


Prepare to embark on a journey of epic proportions. Your conductor for this ride into the fantastical is multi-instrumentalist and creative fountainhead, the inimitable, Kenneth Hugh. Ladies and gentleman, this maven of magnificent musicianship will transport you to ravishing realms that exist beyond the mundane reality you call home. Strap in and enjoy the ride … Read more