Following their scintillating single ‘RIP’ and with a revamped line up, Cape Town based Rock N’ Roll coven We Kill Cowboys have unleashed their latest slice of effervescent Rock swagger onto the unsuspecting masses entitled ‘Fuck You’.

Beginning with a battalion of pounding drums and guitar scrawl, ‘Fuck You’ propells itself forward atop a bedrock of catchy riffs and soaring vocals. With a verse made for mass appeal and a chorus that will set your synapses ablaze in a conflagration of bliss, this uplifting track is fit for arenas everywhere.

With singer-songwriter Alex Muller leading the charge with her searing and sultry vocals, ‘Fuck You’ is a rollicking slice of Grunge infused modern Rock splendor that boogeys and blasts its way through a landscape littered with Harley Davidsons, black leather jackets and strewn with tumbleweed.

Bringing to mind Stone Temple Pilots, Kyuss and L7 in equal measure, the insanely catchy, crunchy and captivating Modern Rock that We Kill Cowboys ply is filled with rousing melodies, gargantuan guitar riffs and tight drumming; a confluence of heroic Rock magic that shimmers like a steel plated motorcycle beneath the glow of the desert sun.

Do yourself a favor and wrap your ears around their immaculately composed and infectious songcraft posthaste.

-Asher Locketz-