Taken from their upcoming album ‘Friend Of A Phantom’, Vola have unveiled their latest single ‘Break My Lying Tongue’.

Accompanied by a music video in which the band are seen performing in a vista of flashing colours and strobe oriented lighting, ‘Break My Lying Tongue’ will undoubtedly appeal to those who like their rock saccharine and sentimental.

Featuring Asger Mygind on vocals/guitar, Martin Werner on Keyboard,  Nicolai Mogensen on bass and Adam Janzi on Drums, Vola are a Danish-Swedish quartet that specialize in glossy, streamlined and soaring Modern Rock that straddles the divide between the lilting Synth infused Rock of Underoath, the pleading Emo of Thursday, the emotive ruckus of Staind and the catchy invocations of Breaking Benjamin.

As blazing synths pierce the propulsive froth of riffs and melodious vocals throughout ‘Break My Lying Tongue’, one is spirited away upon a wave of melancholic yet uplifting Modern Rock, that although expertly executed left me somewhat impassive and indifferent to its tapestry of keyboard drenched theatrics and compressed riffs.

Although I cannot fault Vola for their immaculate musicanship as well as being certain that this radio oriented slice of Rock will garner much commercial appeal, I did not resonate with it.

Come the end of ‘Break My Lying Tongue’ the intensity sharpens somewhat, yet alas not enough to leave my senses from remaining blunted.

-Asher Locketz-