Following their scintillating single ‘RIP’ and with a revamped line up, Cape Town based Rock N’ Roll coven We Kill Cowboys have unleashed their latest slice of effervescent Rock swagger onto the unsuspecting masses entitled ‘Fuck You’. Beginning with a battalion of pounding drums and guitar scrawl, ‘Fuck You’ propells itself forward atop a bedrock … Read more


The upcoming EP courtesy of Doomtrigger, ‘Circles Part One’ is a devastating display of fierce Metalcore that is merciless in its intent to set your synapses ablaze in a conflagration of crushing rhythms, cumbersome riffs, furious vocals and bug-eyed drum battery. Prepare to be pummeled as opening track ‘Limbo’ lays siege to your being with … Read more


Sunken State continue to forge ahead with tenacity and vigour, their latest single ‘I Am Divinity’ being testament to this band’s stellar work ethic and musicianship. Although I may not resonate with this track on a holistic level, I am still able to recognize and applaud its execution. On ‘I Am Divinity’ Sunken State unleash … Read more


Fire and brimstone! Blood and Iron! This is Heavy Metal distilled to its purest essence. On their explosive new album ‘Vitriol Inc’ South African Heavy Metal troopers Deadline conjure forth a platter of denim clad, black leather borne Heavy Metal melodrama fraught with propulsive riffs, bludgeoning drumming and strident vocals. With the force of nature … Read more

Ross Harding – Fire Away

Get ready to be mesmerized by the mammoth rocker that is “Fire Away” , the new single from the upcoming EP by Ross Harding entitled Chapter II. Due to be released on the 14 of this month,I was truly taken hostage by this gritty, Blues infused, Grunge oriented piece of propulsive sonic hedonism. Images of … Read more


Happiness is the turbulent, Technical-Brutal Death Metal devastation that is ‘Decadent Perversity’ by enigmatic Aussie based berserkers Deathfuckingcunt. These brutes unleash a maelstrom of murderous Brutal-Tech Death tumult that comes across as a crushing confluence of Origin, Brain Drill, Flesh Consumed and Mortal Decay. Yes indeed this is the type of skin shredding scorch that … Read more

When Angels Came – About You

Upon listening to “About You” by When Angels Came you will be transported to a sonic realm where rousing melodies, chugging riffs and uplifting vocals meld together with seamless artistry and sparkling musicality. Bringing to mind such groups as Hum, Sunny Day Real Estate and Breaking Benjamin “About You” is a prime slab of heartfelt … Read more

Infanteria – Patriarch

Volcanic and propulsive, Infanteria lay siege to all and sundry with their latest album, the explosive ‘Patriarch’. The title alone speaks of an aversion to the current social climate, a climate steeped in a belligerent form of liberal fascism that stifles self-expression and freedom of speech beneath the guise of justice. The pedigree of this … Read more