Fire and brimstone! Blood and Iron! This is Heavy Metal distilled to its purest essence.

On their explosive new album ‘Vitriol Inc’ South African Heavy Metal troopers Deadline conjure forth a platter of denim clad, black leather borne Heavy Metal melodrama fraught with propulsive riffs, bludgeoning drumming and strident vocals.

With the force of nature that is frontman Jessy Switchblade on vocals, guitar masterminds Judge Mental and The Skullprit, bassist extraordinaire Damian Dread and devastating drummer Wrighteous Mike who also provides backing vocals, this five member troupe unleash infectious sonic wildfire, fanning the flames of blood pumping Heavy Metal with abandon .

 As atmospheric intro track ‘’Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum” leads into the fist pumping fury of “Vitriol”, a track that brings to mind vintage Death Angel , a scorching precedent is set for an album that proves to be a hedonistic slab of immaculately executed Heavy Metal hellfire. With its wild music video you will blissfully take flight through an ether of hedonisim as you are trampled beneath a corrosive combination of visual and sonic stimuli.

“Cult Of Prometheus” is a call to arms in the most classic Heavy Metal sense replete with a froth of chugging riffs,bruising rhythmic interplay, shredding solos, mythological imagery and the awe inspiring vocals of Jessy Switchblade who possesses a range much like the legendary Rob Halford and King Diamond. Witness the malevolent music video for this track and be laid siege to accordingly.

“Synthetic Illusion” is a sparkling display of dual guitar devastation whilst  “My Sweet Apocalypse” replete with a entertaining music video is a power ballad that shimmers with evocative vocals and melodies.

“Codebreaker” is prime real estate for anyone looking to settle down upon a bedrock of blazing guitar driven glory whilst “Ghost Of Kyiv” is not without its mellifluous glow much like delicate ballad “Exhale” glistens with lovelorn desire and touching compassion.

Following two rather lilting tracks, in contrast  the churning, muscular onslaught of chest beating Heavy Metal that is “Devil In Disguise” is all the more maniacal.

“Ending ‘Vitriol Inc’ in a suitably scorching fashion, “Monuments” is emblematic of the Heavy Metal mastery Deadline possess. With its accompanying music video you will be treated to a visual and sonic attack of monumental proportions.

Deadline are a a veritable collective of Heavy Metal warlocks who conjure forth immaculately constructed Metal. Their understanding of the form is astute and their passion genuine. In many ways it is scary how well they execute their powerful anthems.

This Pretoria based band has been championed by the international press, Metal Hammer included and for good reason. On ‘Vitriol Inc’ Deadline have constucted what can only be described as a monolithic opus, an album that sizzles with kinetic energy and unbridled vibrancy.

-Asher Locketz-