Hailing from Port Elizabeth, South Africa Boiling Point construct a heady brew of OSDM infused Hardcore that is as catchy as it as crushing and compassionate.

Featuring Dominic ‘Demonslayer’ Louw on vocals, Chris Paterson on Guitar, Tiago Vital on Bass & backing vocals alongside Kristo Zondagh on Drums this quartet unleash rousing waves of Metallic Hardcore that act as impassioned paeans to rediscovering humanity as much as they are searing portrayals of the human condition at its most corroded and bleak.

Their latest album, the commanding and captivating ‘Humanize’ released on the mighty Trepanation Records imprint is a nine track exercise in fiery Metallic Hardcore ferocity, the type spliced together with liberal amounts of rough-hewn, vintage Death Metal splendour that is built upon a blistering bedrock of evocative imagery and instrumentation that eviscerates with nuance and bludgeoning weight.

With an uplifting ethos at the core of their sound Boiling Point mine the myriad of social and societal ills that plague humanity, often imbuing a sense of hope and self-empowerment into the tapestry that they sew both lyrically and sonically.

Following intro track “Lycaon Pictus” opening song “Humanize” barrels out of the gate with a confluence of chugging riffs, melancholic melodies and roaring vocals that spew forth lyrics that seethe and portray sorrow in equal measure. As Demonslayer opines “Dear sir or madam, why do you hate me? Surely, pigmentation shouldn’t alienate me? We share the same blood. What’s wrong with me? Repetitive story. It’s never ending” in the opening passage of this punishing song, one that brings to mind vintage Hatebreed melded with Terror and All Out War, there is no doubt that the convictions this band hold are ironclad in a song that rallies against the irrational scourge of racism and bigotry.

Beginning with Demonslayer growling “Fee Fi Fo Fum, You’ve poisoned the blood of every South African” track two “Day Zero” is a mid-tempo curb stomping anthem threaded through with bone crunching double kick battery, low stun bass theatrics and a churning swath of smouldering riffs which reaches a corrosive crescendo of note.

Beginning with an explosive tremolo refrain and progressing into a propulsive piece of bludgeon, instrumentally “The Maze” is a scorching display of OSDM infused Hardcore that brings to mind Six Feet Under and Broken Hope melded with the dark bruising Metallic Hardcore of Bloodlet and Buried Alive. Midway through one is treated to a paired down piece of Bass and Drum interplay before “The Maze” continues to charge ahead with bruising fury.

“Pariah Dogs” begins with a sorrowful melody before settling into a mid-tempo scorcher that brings to mind Born Through Pain and Madball. A literal call to arms for the underdog with a rousing chorus and some seriously stellar instrumentation courtesy of Chris Patterson, Tiago Vital and Kristo Zondagh, “Pariah Dogs” will cause you to charge your fists skyward in triumph. As Demonslayer growls “The Pet is caged. The Pest Is Free” one can feel the euphoria surge as the literal and metaphorical shackles are lifted.

After a palette cleanser of sorts, in the form of an instrumental entitled “Humanize II” which includes some very intriguing wordplay  the blistering anthem “Dying City” surges forth at a volcanic pace. With its froth of chugging riffs, pummelling double kick devastation, roaring vocals and thudding bass all underpinning a message of empowerment “Dying City” is a visceral slab of scorching Metallic Hardcore that brings to mind a confluence of Six Feet Under and Hatebreed. Demonslayer has a vocal range that channels the leaden growls of vintage Barnes and the gruff bellows of Jasta with acumen as the instrumental trident that is Tiago, Zondagh and Paterson conjure forth waves of no holds barred Metallic Hardcore with aplomb.

With a warped riff and stuttering rhythmic interplay that brings to mind Vision Of Disorder “The Hopeless” is a vitriolic track that chronicles abject despair in the face of fractious mental upheaval. With the refrain “Heavy weighs the heart For he who has chosen to fall apart” this track is a piercing portrayal of the mental health crisis that is widespread.

‘Humanize’ relinquishes its steel plated stranglehold in the form of the strident, groove oriented might of “The Hopeful”. With a gritty, southern fried guitar riff emblematic of Dimebag Darrel and the pacing of a Pantera, this rhythmic, bone crunching piece of propulsive song-craft is a uplifting statement of note.

In a day and age where the term ‘Social Justice’ has become marred by pretence and a glut of false pretenders, the heart-wrenching Metallic Hardcore that Boiling Point specialise in is all the more powerful for its sincerity. The integrity that is at the core of the bone-crunching music of Boiling Point is without a doubt. Their rough-hewn, visceral and positive Metallic Hardcore gleams like an unsheathed blade beneath the full moon. It is clear that this collective are a force for good and their gritty, grisly and gargantuan sonic conjurations will assert dominion over your mind and being whilst liberating your heart from the callous cynicism that taints your daily toil.

-Asher Locketz-