Truth Decayed conjure forth the type of lethal Thrash Metal that will cause anyone with a prediliction for the form to rejoice! ‘Faded Visions II’ , their follow up to last year’s ‘Faded Visons’ EP contains four deadly detonations of Thrash Metal devastation that are fierce in nature and vicious in both intent and execution.

With Rhyno Theron on guitar and vocals, Warren Jones on guitar, Daniel Philogene on Drums and Renz Kruger on Bass this Durban based quartet specialise in the type of neck snapping Thrash Metal magic that straddles the divide between vintage Bay Area Thrash Titans Slayer and Teutonic overlords Sodom with mastery and aplomb.

Opening with the fiery riffs, howling vocals and blistering rhythmic onslaught of ‘Separate Reality’, ‘Faded Visions II’ begins in as a relentless fashion as is possible.

Following on from ‘Separate Reality’ is the crowd pleasing, propulsive, head-banging bluster of ‘Death By Design’ a track that will assert a stranglehold over your being with its syncopated rhythms, machine gun riffs, whirlwind solo and venomous pace.

According to the band ‘Faded Visions II’ is a far more collaborative work and this is certainly evident in the holistic nature of the proceedings that transpire throughout this four track explosion of vintage Thrash inspired vitriol.

Track number three ‘Vicious Circles’ which features Ebony Aderdein from scene legends Theatre Runs Red is a pummeling exercize in voracious song-craft that melds steel plated riffs with a truly ruthless vocal performance.

Ending the proceedings is ‘Narcissist’ a meteoric sonic exercize in Speed-Metal inflected instrumentation that explores the minds of those that are megalomaniacal and self centered.

‘Faded Visions II’ is a superbly executed exercise in Thrash worship and is emblematic as to why Truth Decayed have garnered such a wealth of praise and recognition worldwide.

-Asher Locketz-