Ocean Of Angels – Haunting You

Hot on the heels of last year’s incandescent EP ‘The Gift’ Oceans of Angels return with the scintillating yet sorrowful single ‘Haunting You’.

Built upon a bedrock of shuffling drums, tinkling keys, syrupy bass, shimmering guitar and threaded through with the impassioned vocals of band mastermind Sheldon Horvatic, ‘Haunting You’ will envelop you in its heart-wrenching embrace throughout the entirety of its run time.

Beginning with a melancholic melody and expanding into a panorama of lush instrumentation and sparkling song-craft, as the rolling verses give way to the cinematic chorus, ‘Haunting You’ proves to be radio friendly slice of rousing, arena friendly Indie Pop-Rock that is immaculately composed.

In the opening verse Sheldon ignites the sonic narrative with the lyrics “I’m sorry that I left you in the dark, you held my hand and I fell apart” leading us upon a journey where the ravages of heartache, the resilience that is hope and the strength to forge ahead intersect on a landscape of self reflection.

When Sheldon opines “I Know its hard to love me when I’m falling, to love me when I’m haunting you” the emotion his vocals emanate colors the already kaleidoscopic chorus with a distinct sense of vulnerability and verve.

This song is both a paean to lovelorn reverie as much as it is a painstaking exercise in heartbreak, albeit one constructed from lilting melodies, crackling, bright guitar chords, evocative vocals and stellar instrumentation.

The use of both delay and reverb throughout ‘Haunting You’, be it to enhance the already stellar instrumentation or stirring vocals, adds a lustrous coat to the proceedings, providing a amplified sense of resonance to a song that swells with sincerity and feeling.

Housed in a pristine production, ‘Haunting You’, a song fraught with yearning in which Horvatic pines for love and reconciliation, will spirit you away upon its swath of memorable melodies, polished composition and glossy song-craft.

-Asher Locketz-