Ocean Of Angels – Haunting You

Hot on the heels of last year’s incandescent EP ‘The Gift’ Oceans of Angels return with the scintillating yet sorrowful single ‘Haunting You’. Built upon a bedrock of shuffling drums, tinkling keys, syrupy bass, shimmering guitar and threaded through with the impassioned vocals of band mastermind Sheldon Horvatic, ‘Haunting You’ will envelop you in its … Read more


Oceans Of Angels, an entity helmed by musical mastermind Sheldon Horvatic, create music of the most lilting, delicate, nuanced and evocative sort.   Consisting of six sparkling tracks that run the gamut from introspective reverie, heartbreak and self ownership to empathic reflection, ‘The Gift’, their latest EP sparkles with incandescent splendor and heartfelt compassion. The … Read more

Fourth Son South – The Cold

With its shuffling rhythm, lilting vocal harmonies and glistening melodies the upcoming single “The Cold” by Fourth Son South is the type of song that inspires feelings of warmth and hope. Featuring in their ranks Bernhard Viljoen on bass and vocals, Dale Mchardy on Rhythm guitar, Peter Toussaint on lead guitar and vocals, Carel Viljoen … Read more