Bleak times call for equally bleak yet blistering music. Enter Burial Hordes, a Greek sonic coven that unleash a malevolent maelstrom of Blackened Death Metal that simmers with nihilistic heft and swagger.

Perhaps more Black Metal centered then Death Metal, these Athenians conjure forth punishing music that acts as a merciful balm in a merciless world where the bane of being takes precedence over one’s daily toil.

Released earlier this year courtesy of the mighty Transcending Obscurity records imprint, ‘Ruins’ the fifth album courtesy of Athenian sonic coven Burial Hordes is a crushing exercise in corrosive Blackened Death Metal that is fatalistic in intent and ferocious in execution.

Featuring eight murderous tracks and clocking in around forty minutes this merciless exercise in grisly, rousing and destructive sonic artistry is a loathsome paean to a world fraught with woe, a meditation on the inevitable tide of decay and the bane of mortality.

From feral opening track “In The Midst Of A Vast Solitude’’ through to “Infinite Sea Of Nothingness” and closing track “…to the threshold of silence’’, ‘Ruins’ proves to be a pummeling slab of scorching extremity that seemingly takes its cues from Archgoat, Behexen, Incantation and Immolation as much as it does Tsjuder and Enthroned.

This is raw Black-Death fury that caters to no trends and is devoid of pretence. If you are fiending for a fix of of pitch dark sonic artistry that is built upon a bedrock of double kick bludgeon, buzzsaw guitars and howling vocals then look no further and listen to Burial Hordes posthaste. Miss them at your peril.

-Asher Locketz-