Nekus conjure forth apocalyptic, delirium inducing waves of crushing blackened Death-Doom that are as meditative as they are murderous.

‘Sepulchral Divination’ their latest album, released by the mighty Sentient Ruin Laboratories, a label that are at the forefront of extreme music, is a towering monolith mired in swirling riffs, densely textured atmospherics, bludgeoning percussion and cavernous vocals.

This album is a shape-shifting, convulsive and torturous display of the ethereal folded into an inferno of odorous, spiralling rhythms, otherworldly vocals and sledgehammer drumming of which I relished every entropic minute.

Imagine if you will the subterranean Doom Metal of Moss blended with the knuckle dragging Death-Doom of Mortiferum after being spliced with the avant-garde Black Metal of Abruptum, the crepuscular corrosion of Abyssal and the primitive pummel of Thorr’s Hammer and you will have an idea as to the type of turgid, swamp wallowing, sword swallowing, black hole invoking Blackened Death-Doom majesty that Nekus specialize in.

Be spirited away by the amorphous, ichor drenched auditory assault of opening track “Nekyia” as you are set adrift on a slithering mass of megalithic riffs and cave dwelling howls.

“Eidolon” is a glacial exercize in gargantuan riffs and rhythms that stagger forth like behemoths on the plains of RL’YEH whilst the blood-curdling atmosphere conjured forth on tracks such as “Katabasis” and “Stygian” are displays of occult like theatrics threaded through a cesspool of swarming sonic battery that bristle with dreadful intent. Every track herein acts as a facet in a holistic experience that is cinematic and savage.

This fifty one minute sonic megalith is an immaculately constructed pitch black chasm where light is trampled upon beneath an avalanche of incandescent darkness; a veritable landslide of oppressive Death-Doom Metal of the most delightfully vile and grisly sort. Be enveloped!

-Asher Locketz-

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