Nekus conjure forth apocalyptic, delirium inducing waves of crushing blackened Death-Doom that are as meditative as they are murderous. ‘Sepulchral Divination’ their latest album, released by the mighty Sentient Ruin Laboratories, a label that are at the forefront of extreme music, is a towering monolith mired in swirling riffs, densely textured atmospherics, bludgeoning percussion and … Read more


Released courtesy of the magnificent Sentient Ruin Laboratories, ‘Dyspnea’ by Labored Breath is a chaotic maelstrom of raw frenzied Black Metal that convulses like a contortionist on ketamine.This thirty six minute descent into aural devastation is akin to being enveloped in a cesspool of barbed wire and blood spattered limbs. Beginning with the mangled auricular … Read more