Sunken State continue to forge ahead with tenacity and vigour, their latest single ‘I Am Divinity’ being testament to this band’s stellar work ethic and musicianship.

Although I may not resonate with this track on a holistic level, I am still able to recognize and applaud its execution.

On ‘I Am Divinity’ Sunken State unleash a frenzied slice of ferocity that fuses Metalcore and Deathcore together with aptitude. Expect the requisite breakdowns, stuttering riffs and melodious choruses that tend to be such a mainstay of this genre to be on display throughout this track.

In some ways I found ‘I Am Divinity’ to be a staid track fraught with all the tropes this type of genre is known for. It is expertly executed yet for me lacked an unbridled sense of savagery. Being a genre fan myself I cannot fault it for being formulaic for I am drawn to certain genres purely for the characteristics that define them. Ultimately we all are.

In terms of production ‘I Am Divinity’ is perhaps to compressed for my liking yet as far as being high calibre genre fare it is an impressively executed track that goes for the throat with punchy rhythms, bucking riffs and blistering vocals.

Sunken State execute their chosen genre with proficiency and are carving quite a solid reputation for themselves locally, for good reason.

The level of quality their Deathcore meets Metalcore bluster is infused with is top notch and is of the same calibre as their international brethren such as Traitors, Enterprise Earth and Chelsea Grin.

-Asher Locketz-