Punishing and propulsive, the latest track by DOOMTRIGGER entitled ‘Limbo’ is a merciless slab of prime Metalcore that relentlessly pummels all into submission with its deadly confluence of crushing riffs, corrosive vocals and ferocious rhythms.

‘Limbo’ is the first single from this Stellenbosch based sonic collectives upcoming EP ‘Circles: Part One’, an EP in a trilogy of EP’s inspired by the classic literay work ‘Inferno’ by Dante Alighieri.

‘Limbo’ is a no holds barred journey through a netherworld that swarms with seething vocals, smoldering guitars and blistering drumming.

Featuring Jason Smith on lead vocals, Ken Loubser on Guitars and clean vocals, Robbie Blair on Bass and Backing vocals and Etienne ‘’Frank’’ Nel on Drums, this quartet unleash the type of bruising, modern Metalcore that bristles with conviction.

Housed in a production that is both gritty and glossy ‘’Limbo’’ begins with a hallucinogenic synth refrain courtesy of Richard Brokensha from Kid Of Doom which gives way to a rolling tangle of foreboding bass guitar before exploding into a conflagration of deliciously nasty riffs, pummeling double kick devastation and violent vocals.  Halfway in we are treated to a melodious barrage of vocals that meld seamlessly with the vitriol and savagery that is immaculately threaded through this turbulent track.

Throughout ‘’Limbo’’ you will be treated to riffs that would be comfortable on a Pantera album, breakdowns that beat you about the head with murderous intent and an overral sense of rousing menace that is utterly diabolical.

What an amazing single by a seriously talented band. I salivate in anticipation as to what awaits us with the upcoming EP and trilogy.

-Asher Locketz-