Hailing from Orlando, Florida  Heavy // Hitter concoct a heady brew of bludgeoning Deathcore bluster that simmers with rage and bristles with red hot anger.

Be wary when approaching their latest track ‘Wall Of Wax’ for you may just emerge from its all encompassing embrace with third degree burns, well figuratively anyway for the searing presence and fierce swagger exerted by Heavy // Hitter is as uncompromising as it is heartfelt.

Opening with a froth of dialogue and then proceeding to cave in skulls with a lumbering swell of staggering riffs, a stampede of double kick fuelled ferocity and a confluence of corrosive vocals ‘Wall Of Wax’ is for folks such as myself that dig their Deathcore stripped down and devoid of pretence.

There is no window dressing here; no unnecessary layering or symphonic nuance. Rather ‘Wall Of Wax’ is a gigantic onslaught of stormy Deathcore devastation with Beatdown tendencies that goes straight for the jugular with all the subtelty of a bonesaw.

Much like Signs Of The Swarm, Cultist, Crown Magnetar, Traitors, The Last Ten Seconds Of Life and Bodysnatcher, Heavy//Hitter specialise in dark Deathcore of the most deadly and destructive sort.

If you yearn to get your latest fix of bloodsoaked Deathcore savagery then look no further and clamp your auricular cavities upon ‘Wall Of Wax’ posthaste.

-Asher Locketz-