Ghast who are undoubtedly one of the most ferocious contingents of the current wave of South African Hardcore have returned with yet another smoldering slab of skull shattering Metalcore in the form of the utterly furious ‘Dysania’.

Following on from the bludgeon evidenced in the maelstrom witnessed on ‘The Purse Of Bloody Eyes’  released in February this year, ‘Dysania’ which was availed to the public last friday is a menacing morass of sledgehammer like riffs, vocals that howl and screech with unbridled aggression, vein bursting bass and punishing percussion.

Folks, this track is apopleptic and merciless. Beginning with a crushing confluence of scorching guitars, battering ram drums, intersected by a barbed tangle of thorny bass and then hurtling forth at a turbulent gait where vitriolic vocals and vehement instrumentation meet in a volcanic eruption of visceral proportions, ‘Dysania’ will hold you captive in its murderous stranglehold.

Housed in a streamlined production and bristling with barely restrained peril this frenzied piece of propulsive sonic weaponry is yet another steel plated feather in the cap of a sonic collective that are setting the local scene ablaze in a conflagration of fire and fury!

These Port Elizabeth based berzerkers are poised for great things and I would not be surprised if they are privy to many label offers in the near future for their savage Hardcore is executed with such pummeling wrath and professionalism that even the jaded will be caught in their jagged crossfire.

-Asher Locketz-