Punishing and propulsive, the latest track by DOOMTRIGGER entitled ‘Limbo’ is a merciless slab of prime Metalcore that relentlessly pummels all into submission with its deadly confluence of crushing riffs, corrosive vocals and ferocious rhythms. ‘Limbo’ is the first single from this Stellenbosch based sonic collectives upcoming EP ‘Circles: Part One’, an EP in a … Read more


Hailing from Stellenbosch in Cape Town, Doomtrigger concoct a tightly wound confluence of Metalcore, Modern Thrash and Deathcore that is sheathed in orchestration and peppered with liberal doses of Blackened fury. “Scorched Earth” is a polished exercise in efficiently executed contemporary Metal that delves into the same sonic morass frequented by To The Grave, Nicolas … Read more