Hailing from Stellenbosch in Cape Town, Doomtrigger concoct a tightly wound confluence of Metalcore, Modern Thrash and Deathcore that is sheathed in orchestration and peppered with liberal doses of Blackened fury.

“Scorched Earth” is a polished exercise in efficiently executed contemporary Metal that delves into the same sonic morass frequented by To The Grave, Nicolas Cage Fighter, Oceano and Spite with a focus on staccato Thrash riffs, Deathcore breakdowns and Metalcore pacing.

Beginning with a blistering tide of double kick bludgeon and djent like riffs, “Scorched Earth” quickly identifies itself as a track that exists within the pantheon of commercially viable pummel perpetuated by Enterprise Earth, Viscera and their ilk.

It is in the latter half of this track where clean vocals take precedence that one is treated to a heightened sense of Black Metal theatrics both rhythmically and riff wise replete with cloying orchestration.

On “Scorched Earth” Doomtrigger have certainly combined all the sheen, pomp and bone cracking bluster that is so popular within the bigger metal scenes and have done so with aplomb.

If you’re looking for your next fix of Thrash infused, quasi Blackened Deathcore oriented Metalcore then look no further and clamp your auricular cavities upon “Scorched Earth” posthaste.

-Asher Locketz-