In the form of his upcoming single, the rousing ‘Strangers’ Jackson Colt has crafted a blissful homage to 1980’s hair Metal that is fraught with sparkle and splendor.

This sleek piece of music bedazzles with the type of hedonistic pomp evidenced in the classic works of Motley Crew, Dokken and Poison.

Featuring frontman Jackson Colt on vocals and guitar alongside Dean Gerber on Bass & Backing Vocals, Matthew Safi on Drums and Piet Snyman on Guitar & Backing Vocals, this quartet unleash Arena sized Rock where catchy choruses and verses are paramount.

‘Strangers’ is a rip-roaring roadhouse of a song threaded through with sparkling song-craft that asserts a stranglehold over one’s serotonin receptors in the most gleeful fashion.

Herein verses sizzle and choruses sparkle, bringing to mind the phosphorous, neon lit streets of Los Angeles at night circa 1986.

The lyrics are sheathed in a definitive sense of romanticism as they extrapolate upon finding one’s significant other in the seething sprawl that is life.

As Jackson Colt opines “A fallen angel,Wings ripped and torn,She’s running from the love that she can’t take it anymore, no” in the first verse it is clear that this song wears it’s 80’s rock influences on its proverbial sleeve and is proud of the fact.

With a crystalline production courtesy of Dale Schnettler of Prime Circle fame this slab of soaring Rock is primed to set the airwaves alight!

-Asher Locketz-