On his latest EP ‘Chapter ll’ South African singer-songwriter Ross Harding administers five sinuous and scintillating slabs of sizzling grungy Blues Rock that are as rousing as they are reverent.

Featuring the spectacular singles “Love & Time” and “Fire Away” this five track work is steeped in themes such as psychology, spirituality, self-empowerment and transcendence.

“Black Sun Blues” begins the proceedings in a decidedly propulsive fashion. This is a song that mines the concept of duality and balance. With an arsenal of shuffling drums, jangling guitars, beatific bass and Ross Hardings robust vocals “Black Sun Blues” is a track to be reckoned with and the first off the EP to feature a music video.

“Blood And Bones” is a groove laden slice of reflective smoulder that is infused with boogey and undercut with the soaring and sorrowful vocals of Ross Harding.

The Sparkling “Love & Time” straddles the divide between ballad and rock bluster in the most divine fashion, a captivating slice of heavenly scorch that is built for arenas everywhere.

With a propulsive verse and crowd pleasing chorus the catchy and captivating “Fire Away” is a hedonistic rocker with a disarming verse and absolutely awe inspiring chorus.

 “Let It Go ll (Return)” ends the proceedings on a sedate note. It will have you in a state of reverie as its warm froth of sweltering melodies, soulful vocals and meandering rhythms hold you in their sway.

‘Chapter ll’ is a efficiently executed and heart-wrenching collection of songs that deserve to be experienced.

-Asher Locketz-