Monday Night Metal Madness

South African Extreme Metal Edition Pt2

Sit back, relax and get ready for PART 2 of the South African Extreme Metal Edition! You will also get to hear more about Johannesburg DeathFest 2022 and how that went down at Sognage 🤘🏻🔥⚒
Should you enjoy any of the bands that I played during this show, please click on their name below to over to their respective Facebook pages and give them a like and more.

You can also catch me live on BurgStudio Online every Monday, Tuesday & Thursday from 8PM Central African Time.
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Bands include…
Hilliker | Bleeding Spawn | The Fallen Prophets | FiveSidedDice ft. DemonSlayer | Diverted Disorder ft. Theo Durand | FenrisWulf | Middle Grounds | Black Light Counsel | Human Nebula | Cryoplegia | Beeldenstorm | DevilSpeak | Southern Death Culture | The Basic Human Principle | The Drift | Portraits Of Flesh | DeathSpringer | Boiling Point ft. Ghast

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