If you are in the mood for lilting, evocative music then singer songwriter Tian Nienaber has you covered in the form of his latest track, the melancholic and gritty ‘Hurting Love”. Having been involved in the music industry in one form or another since a young age, Tian is a veteran of his craft and excels within his chosen form of sonic expression, that of the heart-wrenching impassioned ballad.

Beginning with a swirl of etheral piano keys and reverb drenched strumming ‘Hurting Love’ then explodes into a impassioned expulsion of pained love and the mechanics thereof. Fraught with a percussive undertow and threaded through with sparkling piano ‘Hurting Love’ is a song that is as vulnerable as it is raw. Driven by the powerful, earthy vocals of Tian Nienbar this three minute and twenty five second foray into the furnace of lovelorn angst and matters of the heart will undoubtedly hold all captive that possess a penchant for music of this sort.

Housed in a robust production courtesy of Peach Van Pletzen, every nuance and instrument is experienced in a fashion that enables their presence to be felt with depth and heft. They say love is a double edged sword, one in which the blade is a thing of beauty yet can cut deep, in the case of “Hurting Love” this is represented with aplomb within the context of a track that is equal parts melancholic pomp and majestic triumph.

Due to be released in early September, I suggest that all and sundry keep their ears open and eyes peeled for “Hurting Love”

-Asher Locketz-


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