Hailing from Germany Chokehold Policy unleash a crushing confluence of Hardcore and Metal that is infused with righteous rage which rallies against social injustice, warfare and political powerplay with searing vitriol. Featuring Karl Janus on vocals and Immanuel Rahman, the primary songwriter, who is responsible for drum programming, guitars and bass, this duo release a devastating maelstrom of metallic bludgeon on their debut EP, the firey ‘Contra Reo’.

Beginning with the compact and corrosive ‘Atrocity Layers’ one is introduced to the groove infused onslaught that these fellows ply, a scorching assualt that channels vintage Hatebreed and Sworn Enemy as much as it does Darkest Hour and The Haunted. Said track is filled with some seriously scintillating staccato riffing and syncopated time signatures. Karl Janus holds court over the proceedings with impassioned vocals that spew forth a tirade of grotesque imagery that act as a indictment against warfare and love lost.

Following ‘Atrocity Layers’ is the ferocious title track ‘Contra Reo’, a smoldering slab of scorch that is fraught with vein bursting vehemence and a volcanic solo which adorns the latter half of the track. This is yet another a searing indictment on warfare and the cruelty that prevails when casualties result as a consequence of soldiers hellbent on blindly following commands. Both ‘Reprisal’ and ‘Communication’ bring on the fury with barbed, Thrash infused riffing, barked vocals and Hardcore oriented rhythmic barbarity.

Track five, the ferocious ‘Reduced Residual Limb Performance’ is a mammoth steamroller of ravaging riffs, pummeling rhythms and impassioned roars that spew forth a tangent of hellfire that damns genocide and the military industrial complex. The opening lyrics “Sever the wicked hand as the abhorrent salute cuts through the air” brings to mind the mass delusion and obeyance of Nazi Germany with lucid clarity.

Last track, the turbulent ‘Rape For Hire’ begins with a truly mammoth rhythm which then convulses into a bestial work of sonic weaponry where venomous layered vocals and colossal percussive crush lay siege to the proceedings with punishing rage. I applaud this duo for rallying against social injustice, warfare and military fed delusion. Their passion is real as every note and roar on this EP is filled with sincerity and molten resolve. Chokehold Policy stand for justice and peace in a world that is seemingly built on savagery and deception. In essence their debut ep ‘Contra Reo’ is a treatise of the most triumphant proportions. Heed the call and bang your head.

-Asher Locketz-

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