Well ladies and gentleman, Global Plague are back with another turbulent and triumphant track! The triple threat that is Bram Epstein, Jackson Ward and John Souki have supplied us with another smoldering confluence of Deathcore, Metalcore, Melodic Death Metal and groove orientated fare that will undoubtedly cause the hair on the back of your neck to bristle with electricity.

Beginning in a bludgeoning fashion with a neck snapping riff riding atop a bedrock of blistering double kick action alongside Bram’s venomous roars, “Narcissus” then surges into a labyrinth of symphonic layering and blistering bass guitar orientated technicality before ending in very much the startling fashion it began. At times the rough hewn riffs dig deep into gravel infused grooves similar to that plied by Pantera, Machine Head and Pissing Razors whereas at others the rhythmic onslaught one hears is very much a maelstrom of pointed, steel plated heft that brings to mind Job For A Cowboy as much as it does Darkest Hour and At The Gates. Whatever the case the sonic narrative is frenetic and cohesive in equal measure.

Relentless is what “Narcissus” is; a nail biting foray into ferocity that is named after the Greek mythological figure who fell in love with his own reflection. I dare state that this chest pounding slab of scorch, going by the unbridled fury on display, comes across as quite a damning tirade on the perils of those whom are self involved to the extent of delusion and destruction. We are certainly living through what I would personally deem the era of Narcissus, a time in which vanity has taken the foreground, what with platforms such as FARCEbook and InstaSHAM allowing one and all to flaunt their wares in the most shameless fashion, many a time in a detrimental and wholly excessive fashion.

There is certainly an apocalyptic sense of impending doom present within this work of smolder, whether that is due to the fire forged metallic fury, the churning riffs, the forward moving momentum or inherit menace, I am unaware. Fact is, that Global Plague live up to their name once again with a gargantuan, chest beating slab of unmitigated rage. Check it out posthaste and prepare to be trampled beneath the sonic chariot that is“Narcissus”.

-Asher Locketz-

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