Imagine if you will the bone crunching bounce of Emmure combined with the propulsive Post Hardcore theatrics of Every Time I Die and the Technical Deathcore of A Night In Texas and you will have an idea as to the type of turbulent and monstrous Metalcore Port Elizabeth based collective Ghast unleash with such vigor.

Their latest track “Lawless” is a volcanic piece of sonic weaponry that hurtles forth with hellish intent, a piece of pummelling bluster that is steeped in fatalism, redemption through expulsion and of course crushing riffs, blistering drumming and vehement vocals.

Somewhere around the one minute mark one is treated to a murderous and yet simultaneously melodious solo that surges atop the bruising rhythmic bludgeon like lightning atop a tidal wave.

A while back I reviewed the debut album by these talented gentleman, a streamlined slab of scorching Metalcore that screams quality and finesse. I have catching up to do for their split with fellow Port Elizabeth based bruisers Boiling Point is meant to be mammoth.

With that stated this glossy and gargantuan banger is the newest material I have heard from Ghast and it is the type of top shelf Metalcore that, like their debut, needs to be taken note of. Record labels like Closed Casket Activities and Modern Empire Records should be seeking these fellows out for the music they create carries integrity and clout!

-Asher Locketz-

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