Admittedly I am completely smitten by the smoldering confluence of grisly crushing old school inspired Death Metal and gritty Hardcore Boiling Point ply with such punishing acumen! Folks, it is near impossible for me to fault music of this sort for it speaks to me on a cellular level.

“Fields Of Doom” is the debut EP by this sonic coven and consists of five tracks that will flay the skin from your bones with searing ferocity. Beginning with the bludgeoning “Fields Of Doom” I am reminded of the scorching wares plied by Our Place Of Worship Is Silence and Xibalba in equal measure. This delectable track is a destructive wrecking ball of sonic weaponry built on a bedrock of bestial vocals and ravaging riffs that invoke vitriol and ignite adrenaline in a manner that causes me to crack a wry grin whilst weeping tears of joy.

“Front Towards Enemy” is of a far more Hardcore bent where what has been deemed “gang” vocals by the hardcore contingent and forward moving momentum meld together in a fashion that is reminiscent of prime Madball and Sworn Enemy whilst “No Way Out” is an infectious foray into nihilistic rage with a chorus that will clamp itself to your frontal lobe with contagious glee. “Device Of Evil” fries ones neural pathways with chunky riffs and a convergence of aesthetics rooted in both Hardcore and Old School Death Metal. Layered vocals give way to howling roars on this fantastic track while riding atop a wave of frothy guitars and feral drumming. Lyrically Boiling Point paint a dismal portrait of a world on the brink of collapse which fits the music like a steel glove.

Closing track “Poison Dale” begins with, what sounds like, a snippet of music from the 1930’s that gives way to a barrage of Crust Punk infused Grindcore that will leave you in a state of lacerated bliss with its Extreme Noise Terror meets Venomous Concept auricular damage.

I am completely taken by this turbulent display of tumultuous music. Boiling Point have exerted a stranglehold over my existence with their debut EP, a stranglehold that I may not escape.
Congratulations are in order for what amounts to a corrosive work of art that I know will garner repeated listens on my proverbial jukebox for a long time to come! Herein is a malevolent mix of volatile, ghastly vocals, gargantuan rhythms and churning, groove infused guitars that I am simultaneously awed and flawed by.

-Asher Locketz-

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