A Night Packed With Madness!!!

Monday Night Metal Madness 01 Feb ’21
Join me for this BRUTAL show when I bring you a plethora of fresh and some of the most beastial metal you will have heard to date!!!

Expect anything from the flaming hot Vulvodynia/Acrania split EP “Societal Lobotimisation” to the BRAND NEW tracks off the freshly released Boiling Point EP “Fields of Doom” and not forgetting the EXPLOSIVE new track “Suffocate” by Treehouse Burning 🔥🔥🔥

So have a look at the bands below, check your time zones, set your reminders, and tune in from 8PM Central African Time

THE METAL LAB‘s Battle of the Bands winner, Yesterday’s Gone will only be on Tuesday’s “Late Night Variety” show from 8PM Central African Time

Bound By Years
Incursion – Metal
Shadow Smile
Storm The Empire
Bleeding Spawn
The Fallen Prophets
Imperious Vision
Become The Watcher
Silent Degradation
End Bringer
Sunken State
Halvar and MORE!!!

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