In the form of his single “Road Trip” award winning South African Singer and Songwriter extraordinaire Vaughn Prangley has unleashed one of the most whimsical,joyous, effervescent and uplifting slices of Pop oriented Alternative Rock that you are likely to hear this year. Taken from his 2022 debut album “Destination Unknown” this heavenly piece of saccharine … Read more


Following their scintillating single “All My Time”, South African mavens of magnificent Rock Fear Of Falling are backwith a sumptuous cover of “Closer” by the inimitable Kings Of Leon. This, their tantalizing rendition of the American Rock group classic is an exercize in immaculate execution, heartfelt adoration and awe inspiring musicianship. Herein the integrity of … Read more

Infanteria – Patriarch

Volcanic and propulsive, Infanteria lay siege to all and sundry with their latest album, the explosive ‘Patriarch’. The title alone speaks of an aversion to the current social climate, a climate steeped in a belligerent form of liberal fascism that stifles self-expression and freedom of speech beneath the guise of justice. The pedigree of this … Read more

Analepsy – Quiescence

Perhaps one of my most anticipated releases of 2022, ‘Quiescence’ by Analepsy has surpassed my expectations. Ever since I heard ‘Atrocities From Beyond’ I was hooked on the punishing, celestial Slamming BDM these ferocious fellows ply, and this their sophomore album ramps up the technicality and musicianship tenfold. Hailing from Portugal and featuring Marco Martins … Read more


On their latest release ‘Fades Visions 1’ Durban based berserkers Truth Decayed unleash a exercise in classic, unbridled Thrash Metal that panders to no trends and is in no way unsullied by genre-hopping pretence. Consisting of Ryno Theron on Guitar and Vocals, Warren Jones on Rhythm Guitar, Johan Maree on Bass and Vocals and Daniel … Read more

Middle Grounds – “There Is Never Peace”

Hailing from the scorched urban sprawl of South Africa, Middle Grounds specialize in a smoldering confluence of Hardcore that melds the type of vintage vitriol plied by Bury Your Dead, Throwdown, Turmoil and Buried Alive with the modern bone shattering belligerence of bands such as Knocked Loose, Emmure, Dead Crown and Dealey Plaza. Their debut … Read more


Hailing from Johannesburg , South Africa Disarmageddon specialize in the type of vintage, Thrash oriented smolder that will cause fans of classic Anthrax, Exodus, Kreator and Nuclear Assault to rejoice. Prepare for an exercize in neck snapping and bloodthirsty, headbanging bliss! Featuring in their ranks Jay Troskie on vocals, guitarists Mathew Jordaan and Lance von … Read more


Blackened Symphonic Deathcore stalwarts The Breathing Process bring the fire like no other in their subgenre in the form of their latest album ‘Labyrinthian’. Featuring in their ranks Guitarists Jordan Milner and Sara Loerlein, Drummer Bryan Dever, Keyboardist Alexander Bryce, Bassist Dan Patton as well as Vocalist Chris Rabideau, this sextet specialize in a sonic … Read more