The debut EP courtesy of Johannesburg based sonic collective The Iridium Experiment entitled “Hero.Victim.Villian”is a head on collision between Melodic, Thrash infused Metal and Post Hardcore that sparkles with soaring vocals, impassioned roars, chugging riffs and rhythmic battery. If the type of Metal plied by Atreyu, Darkest Hour, Killswitch Engage and their ilk are your … Read more


It’s finally here boys and ghouls, the monstrous new album by Netherlands based wrecking crew Korpse entitled “Insufferable Violence”. Bare witness to a bludgeoning confluence of chunky rhythms and chugging riffs that are the audio equivalent to a battering ram! “Insufferable Violence” is bestial and relentless; a merciless Brutal Slam onslaught that doesn’t let up … Read more


I have been enamored by the sumptuous, scintillating and scorching Sludge Metal that 16 ply for some time. With each subsequent album I hear by these barons of bludgeon I am further ensnared within their gargantuan grip. Released last year, the monumental “Dreamsquasher” is an album that is equal parts mammoth heft and melodious smolder, … Read more


Hot damn I have been rendered punchdrunk by what I have just heard for I have been battered into submission in the most blissful manner! This volcanic conflagration of violent, insanely dynamic and groundbreaking music must be witnessed by all and posthaste! “Suffocate” is two and a half minutes of sonic turbulence that is like … Read more


If you’re a Slamming Deathcore fiend such as myself then the prospect of a split EP between South African heavyweights Vulvodynia and UK wrecking crew Acrania is one to celebrate. I have been waiting with bated breath to wrap my fevered eardrums around this release since I had been made aware of its impending arrival … Read more

Southern African Metal Selection

Tune into BurgsStudio from 1PM Central African Time every Friday for a two hour set of pure and uninterrupted Southern African Metal MADNESS!!! Come enjoy some of the best metal from Southern Africa has to offer and remember to SMASH the heart-on button on the tracks that you like! We guarantee that you will discover … Read more