Thorns Of Ivory – Dogs Of War

Hailing from Durban, Thorns Of Ivory specialise in the type of gargantuan, groove infused Metal which exists within a firey framework that incorporates Thrash, Metalcore and Deathcore into a volcanic inferno that simmers with menace.

Their latest track ‘Dogs Of War’ is a crushing clarion call to arms that propels itself forward upon a backbone of churning riffs, ferocious vocals and blistering drumming.

From its opening flurry of neck snapping rhythms and skull cracking riffs, ‘Dogs Of War’ is a veritable freight train of fury that alternates between fast paced double kick fueled crush, bouncing, rhythmic elasticity and slower paced breakdown oriented bludgeon, all of which exist within a cohesive and expertly executed track that lasts for three minutes and twenty four seconds.

Bringing to mind Skinlab, Machine Head and Pissing Razors as much as it does Emmure and Immoralist, the scorching swagger and aggression of ‘Dogs Of War’ is a devastating statement of deadly intent. The pronounced grooves that thread this track together very much work in this band’s favour making their take on modern Metal noteworthy.

‘Dogs Of War’, which is also the name of a song by Hair Metal mavens Motley Crue, is an exercise in unbridled vitriol that boils over with a confluence of menacing flourishes and beastly riffs.

I suggest checking this churning froth of sonic warfare out posthaste. Its execution, production and passion are undeniable. Get ready to bang your head!

-Asher Locketz-