Monday Night Metal Madness with Shadow Smile

Have a listen to this Monday Night Metal Madness Show which includes my hangout with Connor, the vocalist of Shadow Smile when we chat about their new single “You’re Safe”! We will also be playing you a tonne of awesome other METAL tracks from South Africa and the rest of the globe!Bands include… Woltemade | DeathSpringer | Sunken State | Burning Tongue | Chokehold Policy | Omega … Read more

Monday Night Metal Madness – Covers Edition

DID YOU MISS IT???It’s okay, just click below to in your own time and enjoy a packed two hour show with METAL covers by various local South African and international bands. I am currently working through a bout of Laryngitis, so expect a few strange noises here and there. Theo, vocalist of “Resurrection Of Fetal … Read more

Monday Night Metal Madness with Esjay Jones

During this show I hung out with South African born Esjay from Esjay Jones Productions out of Los Angeles. We discussed her various projects, including We Are PIGS, Grey Daze and the fellow musicians she works with and there is great advice for upcoming artists and aspiring producers. It was also a full request show … Read more

Monday Night Metal Madness – SAMMA EDITION ft. Ghast & Boiling Point

Ahead of the South African Metal Music Awards, you will get to hear some of the category nominees and also get to hear myself and members of the Ghast & Boiling Point out of Port Elizabeth, following the release of their split EP on 31 Oct 2021 Please excuse the slight volume level inconsistencies. Bands … Read more

Monday Night Metal Madness

ANOTHER MYSTERY BAND SUBMISSION!!! Can you tell who it might be? Give your thoughts on it in the comments section below! Check it out, SHARE if you care for the tagged bands and come hang out with your favorite METAL show here on BurgStudio Online! >>>JUST PRESS PLAY<<< Bands to expect during the show are… … Read more

Monday Night Metal Madness

Have a listen to this fix of all things METAL!!! This week we went all over the globe and touched on the darker side of METAL, but still a great variety of Black Metal, Death Metal, Metalcore, Slamming Death Metal, some Speed Metal and even 8 string goodies! So SMASH that play button for some … Read more

Monday Night Metal Madness

If you missed it, below is the latest installment of your Monday Night Metal Madness show with me, France The Planet, featuring Tristan Tanti of Carnivorous Horde!!! Myself and Tristan hung out on air to hear more about this amazing Maltese band and bring you more unheard tracks off they’re BRAND NEW EP “Slaughtered Uprising” … Read more


Prepare to be trampled under hoof for Durban based berzerkers Become The Watcher are due to lay siege to your synaptic chasms in the most crushing fashion with the title track from their upcoming album ‘Trauma’. Due to be premiered this very night on Burgstudio figurehead France The Planet’s ‘Monday Night Metal Madness’, ‘Trauma’ is … Read more

Monday Night Metal Madness – 08 Mar ’21

This show is definitely not the one you want to miss!!! See you at 8PM Central African Time Read Below and see you there! Starting of with a post Battle of the Bands win interview over on THE METAL LAB, I will be chatting to the guys from Sin on Six. Thereafter you can stay … Read more